Election 2012 Preview: Idaho GOP Sending Cash, Staff to Nevada


With Idaho Republican leaders presuming that presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has a lock on Idaho's four electoral votes, some Gem State GOP cash is being used in Nevada to help Romney secure that state's five electoral votes.

The Twin Falls Times-News reports that the Idaho Republican Party is paying for Romney campaign mailers in Nevada.

“Through our joint fundraising agreement, we knew that Nevada was going to be one of the swing states that we wanted to (put) some money in there to help Romney win,” Joshua Whitworth, executive director of the Idaho Republican Party, told the Times-News.

The Idaho GOP crafted a fundraising agreement with Massachusetts, Vermont, Oklahoma and the national Republican Party to pool $78,500 for the donation to the Nevada effort.

The Times-News also reports that Idaho has sent GOP volunteers to Nevada to work on the Romney campaign. Republican Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador has also spent some time in Nevada campaigning for Romney, including a rally in Reno on Nov. 1, when Labrador introduced GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.