BYU-Idaho Stands By It Campus Weapons Ban


In 2011, the Idaho Legislature was wrapped in fierce debate over whether to allow concealed guns on the campuses of Idaho's public universities. The Idaho House passed a measure that would have prevented the universities from imposing their own bans, but the Idaho Senate stalled the so-called "guns on campus" measure after hearing Senate Majority Leader Republican Bart Davis say the following:

My 23-year-old son was shot eight years ago last week by a concealed weapon permit holder. Both BSU students. Off campus, at a college environment. ... This is not an intellectual exercise for me and my family.

Meanwhile, the Rexburg Standard Journal reports that administrators at Brigham Young University-Idaho are standing by their policy to ban guns from campus, even if a student has a concealed weapons permit.

Garth Gunderson, director of BYU-Idaho security and safety, told the Journal that the purpose of the policy at the private university is "to control and monitor the presence and accessibility of lethal weapons."