AP: Police Documents Reveal John McGee's Criminal Behavior


Some of the worst fears surrounding disgraced former GOP Sen. John McGee were confirmed Wednesday, when the Associated Press revealed that police documents detailed how the former Senate majority caucus chairman propositioned a female aide for sex inside his Statehouse office. The sexual advances were the latest in a string of bad behaviors that led to McGee's resignation and conviction of a reduced charge of disturbing the peace.

McGee spent 39 days at the Ada County Jail in August and September for his most recent crime. McGee had earlier admitted to a 2011 drunken driving incident, in which he stole a vehicle, crashed it on someone's lawn and told law enforcement that he was either driving to "the promised land" or Jackpot, Nev.

A female staffer at the Capitol told investigators that McGee propositioned her on Feb. 7 in his fourth-floor Statehouse office and again the following week, suggesting she perform oral sex. The staffer said McGee also grabbed her buttocks on another occasion. During another encounter, the staffer recalled that McGee asked her to take her shirt off, and when she left the room, he was masturbating.