Fish and Game Setting Mountain Lion Traps Near Boise River


While a mountain lion continues to evade capture by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the next step, officers say, is to set traps along the Boise River, where the cougar has been repeatedly spotted by residents.

For the better part of a month, at least one mountain lion has been sighted near the river. Fish and Game fear that the cat "has grown habituated" to humans and poses a significant safety threat. Officers have already marked several areas of the Boise Greenbelt with signs warning the public about the mountain lion and their traps.

The most recent sightings were on Oct. 24, one a mile south of the Boise River on a ditch bank near West Marigold and North Garrett streets and another on the west end of Duck Lake Lane near the river bank, approximately one-half mile from the first sighting.

Additionally, a Garden City homeowner said his dog required surgery after being attacked by a mountain lion in a back yard near East Eddy Place. The Meadow Creek Homeowners Association has been cautioning neighbors regarding the incident.

Volunteers have been using ATVs and hunting dogs to track the animal's scent.

Meanwhile, Police in Nampa reported Monday that they received reports of a cougar spotted near Nampa's Ridgecrest Golf Course. Fish and Game responded to the call but were unable to find the animal.