Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson to Boise Weekly: 'There is No Santa Claus'


Presidential hopeful Gary Johnson returns to Boise Monday.

Boise Weekly readers got to know the Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico governor a bit better in July, when BW sat down with him to talk about his inspirations.

"I remember when I was a young boy, my fourth-grade teacher held a class election to decide who would become United States president someday," Johnson said. "Out of the blue, I won."

When BW asked Johnson if there were any political leaders he considered ideal, he said, "They all seemed impressive at first."

"But nobody is what they appear to be. There is no Santa Claus," he said.

Johnson will appear at the Boise State Student Union Building at noon Monday, Oct. 29, when he's hosted by the Boise State Students for Liberty. The event is free and open to the public.