Boise Council to Consider Art for Art's Sake at Tuesday Work Session


Members of the Boise City Council will be asked to consider public art in and around City Hall when they meet in a workshop session this coming Tuesday.

Officials with the City's Department of Arts and History will ask lawmakers to give guidance as to where future pieces of public art should be placed, including City Hall's primary entrace on Capitol Boulevard, and its secondary entrances on Main and Idaho streets,

Council members will also be asked if it's necessary for a significiant piece of art in front of City Hall to be a water feature, in the same location as the current fountain. Arts and History staff are expected to ask lawmakers to revisit the issue and possibly consider an alterantive piece of art but not necessarily "a big production," according to a memo from the department to the council.

"The budget for art could go much further if it did not accomodate water and pumps," reads the memo.