Still Hart Broken: Athol Republican Files For Bankruptcy Again


Lame-duck lawmaker Phil Hart is, if nothing else, consistent. Hart has filed for bankruptcy—again.

The Associated Press reports that Hart filed for bankruptcy in Idaho's U.S. District Court Oct. 24. It wasn't his first visit. The Athol Republican filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court in May. All of this follows his drawn-out battles surrounding unpaid state and federal income taxes, interest and penalties.

Hart's latest bankruptcy has put his pending federal tax foreclosure case on temporary hold.

Meanwhile, Hart has already lost his tax battle in state court, when the Idaho Supreme Court ruled that he owed more than $53,000 in state taxes and nearly $10,000 in state legal fees.

Hart claims to have less than $50,000 in assets while owing between $500,000 and $1 million in liabilities.

Hart lost the GOP primary for his District 2 seat to challenger Ed Morse May 15, in effect bringing a halt to his four terms in the Idaho House of Representatives.