Mega-Load, Bound for Canada, Is Snowbound on U.S. Highway 12


A mega-load—one of the largest rigs ever to crawl across U.S. Highway 12 in north-central Idaho —is spending more time in the Gem State than it had intended.

The Idaho Transportation Department announced late Oct. 26 that the shipment is stranded near milepost 143, 19 miles west of Powell. The chance of snow in the region is 100 percent, which has halted the mega-load's caravan.

The 236-foot, 520,000-pound mega-load consumes two lanes of traffic, but isn't allowed to delay cars more than 15 minutes, per its permit instructions from the Idaho Transportation Department. The hauler paid $1,070 for the permit.

"The shipment may resume travel on Saturday night if weather and road conditions are favorable," according to a release from the ITD.

The shipment of water purification equipment is bound for Alberta, Canada.