Report: Blaine County Schools Reap Royalties From Software Sales


While the majority of Idaho's school districts remain cash-strapped, educators in Blaine County are pointing to a new revenue stream for the Blaine County School District: software sales.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that the Mileposts Program—an educational software program developed by the Blaine district—is beginning to enjoy national sales. And while Boise-based Silverback Learning Solutions owns the software, the district is receiving an 8 percent cut of Milepost's earnings.

The Mountain Express reports that the earnings are going to the Blaine County Education Foundation, which provides financial support to the school district.

To date, the Blaine County nonprofit has received three quarterly payments from software sales totaling approximately $48,000, with each payment larger than the previous. The most recent check was for $28,000.

Mileposts was developed by Blaine County teachers, administrators and computer experts from 2005-2008, according to the Mountain Express.