He's Back: Clint Eastwood Squints His Way Through Romney Ad


It all started on a midsummer evening in Sun Valley.

When Clint Eastwood strolled into a Wood River Valley fundraiser for Mitt Romney Aug. 3, the Oscar winner told some 325 stunned attendees that he was there to make Romney's night. By the end of the evening, Romney's campaign war chest was $2 million fuller.

Less than a month later, Eastwood was a surprise speaker at the Republican National Convention, where he had an endless dialogue with an empty chair, one of the oddest moments in American political history.

He's back.

This time Eastwood is the star of a new Romney commercial from the American Crossroads super PAC.

And he's nothing but serious in the new ad, which will be carpet bombed on television in the final days before the Tuesday, Nov. 6, election.