Report: Police Botched DUI Breath Test on Sun Valley Lawman


The driver's license of Sun Valley's assistant police chief, charged with an August alleged drunk driving incident, was not suspended because of an Idaho Transportation Department ruling that said a fellow police officer botched the administration of a blood-alcohol test.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that when Sun Valley Assistant Police Chief Michael Crawford was stopped after backing into a vehicle on Aug. 11, a Hailey patrolman failed to have Crawford under complete surveillance for at least 15 minutes prior to administering a breath blood-alcohol test.

"The 15-minute delay is standard Idaho police procedure to prevent anything, such as drinking, eating, smoking or burping, happening during that time that could affect the outcome of the test," according to the Mountain Express.

As a result, an ITD administrative hearing examiner vacated Crawford's license suspension because violation of the procedure made the test results invalid.

Meanwhile, a prosecutor from Twin Falls has been brought in to make the case against Crawford, because of a conflict of interest from local prosecutors.