AP: More Idaho Clinics May Have Drugs From Pharmacy At Center of Meningitis Outbreak


As the investigation intensifies into an outbreak of fungal meningitis—which has already killed 16 people and affected more than 200 others—the Associated Press reports that nine more Idaho clinics may have recently received other injectable drugs from a Massachusetts company linked to the outbreak.

The Idaho Division of Public Health has not identified the clinics but is urging clinic managers to contact their patients who may have received the drugs, which were manufactured by the New England Compounding Center, according to the AP.

Federal agents moved in to the Massachusetts headquarters of NECC on Tuesday, an indication that the U.S. government is building a case against the company.

The BBC reports that complaints against NECC had been filed in both 2002 and 2003, and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said last week that the pharmaceutical company may have misled regulators and "done work beyond the scope of its state license."

The FDA investigation came as two members of Congress asked the U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday to investigate whether the pharmacy, which distributed contaminated steroid shots resulting in more than 233 cases of fungal meningitis, violated any federal laws or regulations.