Boise Lawmen Want To Divide into Three-District Police Model


The Boise City Council will be briefed Tuesday, Oct. 16, on a proposal that would dramatically shift the way the city's police department is managed.

In the wake of Boise Police Department's implementation of what it calls its "community policing philosophy," the department wants to move toward a district-based policing model, but the shift "cannot be effectively operated from a centralized facility," according to law enforcement officials. Instead, the council will be asked to consider moving Boise into a three-district policing model: the Central, West and East districts.

The West District would be co-located with the existing Police Headquarters and would serve an area bounded by the Bench to the north, Federal Way to the east, Victory/Amity roads to the south, and the city limits to the west. The Central District would serve the specific needs of the urban core’s residential, employment and entertainment centers, as well as the Foothills and the northwest portion of the city to the city limits. The East District would serve Boise State University, the eastern portion of the city from Broadway Avenue and Highway 21 to the city limits.

The district-based policing model, part of the police department's eight-year capital planning framework, will be discussed during a City Hall work session for the council Tuesday afternoon beginning at 3:30 p.m.