Sun Valley Mayor 'Clearing Names' in Wake of Forensic Audit


While a much anticipated forensic audit of alleged shenanigans at Sun Valley City Hall remains under wraps, Sun Valley Mayor Dewayne Briscoe says he's conducting what he calls private "name-clearing" hearings with city employees who have been singled out in the investigation.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that the hearings are giving Sun Valley employees the opportunity to address any allegations made against them.

“As mayor, I’m empowered to possibly recommend no action, probationary status of employees, retribution to the city, disciplinary action and/or termination," Briscoe told the Mountain Express.

The audit was triggered by a string of troubling incidents, including break-ins at the Sun Valley fire station, stolen and/or erased files, resignations by city staff, city employees placed on administrative leave, lawsuits against the city, and countersuits filed by the city.

In August, Briscoe conceded that the audit revealed that his city was not in compliance with many federal and state labor laws.