Idaho High School Cancels Football Season After Too Many Injuries


The small Magic Valley town of Murtaugh won't have a high school football game to attend this coming weekend, or the one after that. In fact, the Murtaugh School Board decided Monday to disband its high school football team and forfeit the remainder of the season after playing two games.

This morning's Twin Falls Times-News reports that on Sept. 21, Murtaugh High had to stop playing against Rimrock High in the third quarter after half of Murtaugh's 12 players suffered injuries. Murtaugh initially decided to forfeit its next two games, but Monday night, the school board canceled the rest of the season.

The Times-News reports that currently, only seven players are healthy (eight are required) and the team hasn't been able to practice the past two weeks.

But there still may be an opportunity for Murtaugh's seniors to see some football action. According to Murtaugh's athletic director, a handful of regional schools have expressed interested in allowing the Murtaugh players to play in a co-op arrangement.