CCDC to Launch Ad Campaign to Assist Eighth Street Merchants


When the Capital City Development Corporation's commissioners meet Tuesday, Oct. 9, they'll be briefed on the progress of the construction of the new $76 million 18-story tower at Boise's Eighth and Main streets.

A tower crane is set to be erected today, on the Eighth Street side of the site, as the massive construction project enters its next phase.

Meanwhile, Intermountain Gas is set to install a new gas line, running from the current line at Ninth and Idaho streets. Trenching beneath two blocks between Eighth and Ninth streets is set to begin Monday, Oct. 15.

Additionally, CCDC is using income generated from the project's developer to craft a new promotional campaign to assist Eighth Street merchants during the project. The campaign will be called "800@8th," representing 800 parking spaces available for the merchants' customers. CCDC will be launching the campaign through signage and soon-to-be seen newspaper advertising.

If all goes as planned, the building should be complete by January 2014.