Montanans Sue ExxonMobil Over Yellowstone Spill


More than a year after a pipeline ruptured beneath the Yellowstone River, pouring an estimated 1,500 barrels of crude oil into the water, ExxonMobil has been slapped with a lawsuit from a dozen Montana landowners citing damaged to the scenic waterway, their property and livestock.

The Montanans are seeking unspecified compensation for their losses and punitive damages against ExxonMobil to "serve as a deterrent against future spills."

The Associated Press reports that ExxonMobil attorneys have be ordered to turn over documents related to the accident to attorneys in a Yellowstone County lawsuit by Monday, Oct. 22.

Approximately 70 miles of the Yellowstone riverbank were contaminated by the July 2011 spill from a pipeline that was burried only a few feet feet beneath the riverbed. While investigators suspect that scouring contributing to the spill, a final cause for the accident has not been determined.

The AP reports that the ExxonMobil spill caused more property damage than all other accidents in Montana over the last decade combined.