Romney vs. Obama: Presidential Debate Generates 10.3 Million Tweets


In 1960, then-Sen. John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon squared off in front of 70 million Americans in the country's first televised presidential debate.

Last night, Republican hopeful Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama went before millions of television viewers and faced even more commentary from viewers online.

Debates have been televised to millions of viewers since the Kennedy-Nixon debate. Last night, social networking platforms Twitter and Facebook generated millions of posts and pictures and let the voters weigh on the winner of the 93-minute debate while it was still in progress.

According to Twitter, the most tweeted moment came when moderator Jim Lehrer told Romney "Let's not," when he tried to continue after his alotted time.

In the 60 seconds following that sentence, users sent 158,690 tweets.

Here's a Storify that shows users' reactions to the debates: