Two-Day Climate Change Conference Begins Today at Boise Centre


The third annual Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference kicked off this morning at the Boise Centre.

Officials from the University of Idaho, University of Victoria and the Climate Impacts Group will join policymakers and resource managers to discuss climate change and its impacts throughout the day and again Tuesday, Oct. 2. It's an event designed to serve as a forum for topics on climate change, including research, policy and management options.

This morning's agenda included a keynote presentation from Dr. Roger Pulwarty, who contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. His work with Al Gore earned them the jointly held Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

A series of speakers will lead discussions. Other topics include annual sessions on climate science, hydrology and conservation. A full agenda can be found at the PNW Conference website.

This year's lineup also includes topics related to the effects of climate change on human health and agriculture after this year's high summer temperatures devastated corn crops across the United States.