Reluctant Hall of Famer Bob Lokken: 'I Don't Think I'm Done Yet'


Bob Lokken, founder of ProClarity and WhiteCloud Analytics, wouldn’t have been his own first choice to be inducted into the Idaho Technology Council’s Hall of Fame.

But he'd better have a speech ready. Along with physician-inventor Dr. Forrest Bird, Lokken will be introduced Tuesday night as this year’s addition to the ITC Hall of Fame.

When the ITC’s executive committee met last April to craft a short list of Hall nominees, Looken happened to be in the room.

“I think there should be somebody on the top of our list,” said Mark Solon, founding ITC board member. “And his name is Bob Lokken.”

Lokken told Citydesk that he immediately said, “I think that’s a bad idea.”

“I’m young (50) and it feels like a lifetime achievement award,” he said. “And I don’t think I’m done yet.”

Far from it. Lokken said WhiteCloud Analytics, specializing in data analytical solutions to health care costs, has doubled its staff in the last two years.

“We started with five or six people three years ago,” said Lokken.

After building ProClarity and selling his company to the Microsoft Corporation in 2006, Looken said he tried retirement.

“I really sucked at retirement,” said Lokken. “You can only play so much golf.”

So, he started anew with ProClarity by surrounding himself, he said, with a lot of talent.

“I think it’s the nature of awards and the media to call out individuals for things that a lot of people played a big part in,” said Lokken. “Building a company is rarely an individual endeavor.”

In addition to his day job, Lokken also serves as chairman of the Education Alliance of Idaho and as vice chair of Idaho Business for Education.