John McGee Released Early for Good Behavior


Former Idaho Republican State Sen. John McGee has been released early from the Ada County Jail, according to the sheriff's office.

His release came five days early, after serving a 44-day stint as part of a 90-day sentence, a reward for good behavior while behind bars. McGee was released on Saturday, Sept. 29, after he was ordered locked up on Aug. 21.

In August, the former state senator pleaded guilty to claims of sexual harassment levied by an Idaho State Senate staffer that took place inside the Idaho State Capitol. He was sentenced in the Ada County Courthouse by District Magistrate Judge James Cawthorn, who issued a stiff sentence, citing McGee's previous charges in 2011.

McGee resigned from the Senate earlier this year, following a 2011 Father's Day DUI conviction in which he stole a vehicle and crashed it on a homeowner's lawn. He was still on probation when the sexual harassment charges surfaced, which resulted in his third visit to the Ada County Jail in 14 months.

In addition, McGee's sentence includes a two-year probation period, a $1,000 fine and $960 in restitution to a victim's fund.