Federal Government Plans Horse, Burro Roundup in Western States


Thousands of wild horses and burros will be rounded up by federal officials, according to the Associated Press, in states including New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

Using helicopters and bait- and water-trapping methods, the Bureau of Land Management has arranged for contractors to corral 3,500 wild horses and burros. An additional 900 horses will be captured for birth control injections before returning to range lands, wrote the AP.

In total, there are 37,300 wild horses and burros on public range lands in the Western states. The AP notes that horse advocacy groups have been critical of government roundups and have been concerned the horses were sent to slaughter.

"We do not send horses to slaughterhouses," Chris Hanefeld, a BLM spokesman in Ely, Nev., told the AP. "You can quote me."

A total of 274 horses will be captured in Idaho on land near the East Fork of the Salmon River, 137 of those will be released.