Idaho Employers: Presidential Politics Not Good For Sales


Some business owners in Idaho's Panhandle say they usually see a a tangible dip in sales when presidential elections are near.

"Just anticipation in seeing how things may change after the election," said Eve Knudtsen, owner of a Coeur d'Alene car dealership. "I usually look for some of this to happen in October."

Indeed, a regional economist told the Coeur d'Alene Press that taxable sales began dropping—as much as 24 percent—from July to August.

But Knutsen was quick to add that her business had experienced "robust" sales year to date, and that consumer confidence is returning.

But Ron Nilson, president and CEO of Ground Force Manufacturing, said he doesn't see the silver lining.

"Every consumer in the world is concerned about the unknown," Nilson told the Press. "This presidential election is an unknown."