Times-News: 6-Year-Old Saves Teen at Movie Theater


This morning's Twin Falls Times-News reports that a 6-year-old is being credited with saving the life of a teenage girl at a Burley movie theater Sept. 22.

The girl began choking on popcorn in the lobby of the Century Cinemas, dropping to the floor. With no adults around, young Damien Munoz of Rupert said he knew what to do because his grandmother had taught him the Heimlich Maneuver. Damien is less than 4 feet tall and the girl is nearly 6 feet tall.

The girl's mother said once the maneuver dislodged some of the popcorn, she was able to cough up the rest.

Damien's mother told the Times-News that the incident scared her son pretty badly when he saw the girl's face turning "blood red," but the mother added, "he's very, very smart."