Washington Lawmaker Challenges Supermajority Rule For School Funding


More than a few lawmakers will be keeping a close eye on a court battle that will be waged Tuesday in Washington state. That's where a state legislator wants to the tell the Washington Supreme Court that supermajority votes are unconstitutional, when it comes to deciding whether to raise revenues for education.

Washington, like many states, requires a two-thirds majority among its state legislators when they vote to raise taxes or close tax loopholes.

In particular, Rep. Jaime Pedersen says when the Washington Surpeme Court ruled that the state's education system was inadequately funded, lawmakers have an improbable task in raising the necessary revenues to meet the school standards. The Associated Press reports that a lower court agreed with Pedersen's argument against the supermajority, and the state Supreme Court expedited its consideration of the requirement.

Arguments will be played out in a Seattle courtroom Tuesday.