Graph of the Week: Taxicab Confessions


Here's a topic Boise Weekly has reported on extensively: the local taxicab industry.

In 2008, BW reported that Boise had 150 different registered cab companies, while Salt Lake City had just three.

In January, as the city government considered stricter taxi ordinance amendments, BW rode shotgun with taxi drivers.

The changes require fleets to accept debit and/or credit cards, improve vehicle quality and require drivers be proficient in speaking and understanding English.

The city felt stricter restrictions on drivers and vehicles would increase the level of service to taxi cab customers. The ordinance passed after changes were made early in the year.

Read more about the controversy in All's Fare, from Jan. 4.

But the ratio of cars to cab companies hasn't changed much: Boise has a lot of cabs across dozens of companies. But just how many? Here's a look at the current state of Boise's Taxi Cab Nation.