More Idaho Inmates Shipped to Colorado


The Idaho Department of Correction reported this morning that it had completed the transfer of 120 more inmates from Idaho to Colorado.

The inmates have been transported, via bus, over the past two weeks.

The recent transfers bring to 250 the number of Idaho inmates who are now behind bars at the Kit Carson Correctional Center in Burlington, Colo.

IDOC announced in July that up to 800 prisoners could ultimately be transported to Colorado, under a new two-year agreement with the Corrections Corporation of America.

IDOC already does quite a bit of business with CCA. The private-prison company operates the Idaho State Correctional Center at IDOC's prison campus, south of Boise. But CCA has come under continued fire for its operations, including an October 2011 report that indicated that ICC inmates were more than twice as likely to be assaulted as those at other Idaho prisons. An Associated Press report revealed that during a 12-month span, ICC had 132 inmate-on-inmate assaults.

On April 20, the population at IDOC's prison campus reached more than 8,000 inmates. To ease the overpopulation, IDOC has been renting beds in county jails and will soon re-open a housing unit at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution.