Man Pasting 'Rape Nation' Stickers Near University of Montana Campus Sought for Trademark Infringement


In the shadow of a U.S. Justice Department investigation into as many as 80 rapes on or near the campus of the University of Montana, police in Missoula are now looking for a man who apparently has been pasting stickers with the words "rape nation" near the campus. The stickers include a University of Montana Grizzly pawprint and university officials say that the suspect could be charged with trademark infringement.

“That is our exact paw,” Erika Palmer, UM’s director of trademarks and licensing told the Missoulian. “If the paw is the same, that is trademark infringement.”

In early August, the quarterback of the UM football team was charged with rape.

And in mid August, the University of Montana contracted with a consultant to help its "branding efforts" in the wake of the scandal. The U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Department of Education's Office on Civil Rights have both launched separate investigations into allegations of sexual assault on campus.