Ontario Pot Dispensary Raided By Feds


Federal agents raided Ontario, Ore., marijuana dispensary The 45th Parallel Tuesday morning.

Though they found no marijuana on site, the agents found and removed approximately 160 marijuana plants distributed among three The 45th Parallel-owned sites, as well as patient files, tax records and business receipts.

"They're on a fishing expedition. They couldn't set us up because of our rules, so now they're fishing through our paperwork to see if we're doing something illegal," said the nonprofit's director, Bill, who preferred that his full name not be used.

No charges have been filed against the dispensary or its employees, and Bill said he is still unsure exactly which agency raided his business.

Despite the raid, The 45th Parallel will remain open for business.

Dispensaries like The 45th Parallel have limited legality in Oregon, and the state will vote on a measure that will fully decriminalize marijuana in Oregon on Nov. 6., but marijuana remains a scheduled substance on the federal level.