Changing Conditions Test Containment of Trinity Ridge Fire


Changing conditions over the weekend tested containment efforts at the Trinity Ridge Fire.

A lifting inversion layer, warmer temperatures, and stronger winds kept burning pockets of unspent fuel ablaze near West Warrior Peak.

Crews completed construction of a contingency line east of Idaho City on Saturday, which will protect Featherville to the west, and have continued removing hazard trees along roads and strengthening barriers at the fire's perimeter.

The fire, which was caused by human activity, is currently stable at 146,068 acres near Featherville, and has burned four structures, injured 13, and cost more than $38 million. Crews hope to have the fire completely contained by Oct. 1.

The fire weather watch has since been lifted for the area, but officials say that afternoon winds may continue to contribute to potentially hazardous conditions for the public.