What's Wrong With Boo Boo? Humane Society Renames Bear Cub 'Bernard'


Boo Boo is now Bernard.
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • "Boo Boo" is now "Bernard."

Officials at the Idaho Humane Society have renamed Boo Boo. The rescued bear cub, which has garnered national attention, is now being called Bernard.

"We think [Bernard] is a much more respectful name for a bear," Jeff Rosenthal, executive diretor of the Idaho Humane Society told the Associated Press.

The 4-month-old cub was found clinging to a tree on Aug. 26, abandoned during the Mustang Ridge Fire. The bear stayed in the cabin of an Idaho Fish and Game veterinarian until Aug. 31, when he was transferred to the Idaho Humane Society in Boise.

"Except for minimal contact, he's just alone and isolated," Rosenthal told the Associated Press. "That's always kind of a hard thing because your instinct is to provide them comfort."

Meanwhile, the bear cub is anesthetized daily so his burned paws can be treated and bandages can be changed.

"He has an extremely good appetite," Rosenthal told the AP. "He appears to enjoy eating very much."

If the bear heals, Rosenthal said Fish and Game could move the cub to a rehab facility, where the animal can intereact with bear cubs his age.

Idaho Humane Society officials think Bernard is a much more respectful name for a bear.
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Idaho Humane Society officials think "Bernard" is a "much more respectful" name for a bear.