Report: Blaine County Prosecutor Subpoenas Sun Valley Financial Records


The drama swirling around Sun Valley's City Hall is getting thicker and deeper.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express Reports that the Blaine County prosecutor has now issued a subpoena for records used in a just-completed forensic audit of the city's finances. According to the subpoena, the documents will be part of a grand jury investigation "involving former and or present employees of the city of Sun Valley."

The documents must be delivered to prosecutors by Tuesday, Sept. 4, or city officials must show up in Blaine County Court to explain why they won't or can't comply.

The City of Sun Valley has been steeped in controversy, including the termination of its city administrator, tort-claim settlements paid to the city clerk and treasurer, and the city's fire chief being placed on administrative leave.

Earlier this month, Sun Valley Mayor Dewayne Briscoe acknowledged that the forensic audit, conducted by an outside firm, will reveal that his city was not in compliance with many federal and state labor laws.

Briscoe told the Mountain Express that the city must "first comply with laws protecting government employees" before the report can be made public.