Hantavirus Kills Second Yosemite Visitor This Summer


Officials at Yosemite National Park are asking recent visitors to seek medical help if they begin experiencing flu-like symptoms. The warning comes in the wake of a second death of a park visitor who succumbed to a rare, rodent-borne disease. Park officials said as many as four visitors may have contracted the hantavirus, two of them fatally.

Yosemite officials said they're particularly concerned for visitors who stayed in tent cabins in the park's Curry Village from mid-June through this week.

The hantavirus, spread through urine, droppings or saliva from infected rodents, may take up to five weeks to develop. Symptoms include fever, aches, dizziness and chills.

The Associated Press reports that there have been 587 documented U.S. cases of the virus since 1993, and approximately one-third have been fatal.