Twin Falls Prisoners Told to Clean Up Flood, Inmates Say They're Not to Blame


Officials at the Twin Falls County Jail said inmates deliberately flooded the jail by blocking up toilets, but relatives of inmates say a broken pipe was to blame and inmates were made to clean up sewage without gloves.

This morning's Twin Falls Times-News reports that the flood occurred Aug. 21. Lori Stewart, a spokeswoman for the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office, told the Times-News that inmates flushed a blanket, underwear and laundry bag down toilets and then turned on showers, causing the flood.

But a mother of an inmate told the Times-News that her son was told to clean up the mess while wearing flip-flops and no gloves. Stewart confirmed that inmates weren't given gloves but insisted "the water was clean."

"If they were going to be part of the problem, they would be part of the solution," Stewart told the Times-News.