AP: John McGee Going Solo at the Ada County Jail


John McGee will be spending his current sentence in the Ada County Jail away from the majority of the inmate population.

The Associated Press reports this morning that McGee is "confined by himself" in a jail cell as "a precautionary measure" instead of being housed in the general inmate population. McGee was led off to the jail Aug. 21 after 4th District Magistrate James Cawthon ordered the former Canyon County state senator to spend 88 days in custody. McGee is expected to serve at least 44 of those days at the Ada County Jail and may be eligible for work release or sheriff's work detail for the remainder of his sentence.

McGee pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace in connection with his inappropriate behavior involving a female Senate staffer. He also violated probation in connection with a Father's Day 2011 drunken-driving episode.

The AP's John Miller reports that McGee underwent an assessment at the jail, and while he wasn't "considered a threat to himself or others," he was considered a "high-profile" inmate" and needs to be in protective custody. McGee is allowed outside his cell for periodic recreational opportunities.