Report: Idaho Among Nation's Most-Charitable States


Idahoans give more to charities than their counterparts in most other states.

Newly released data published by the Chronicle of Philanthropy indicates that Idaho, along with Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina, gave the highest percentage of their income to charities in 2008. The report indicates that with Idaho and Utah being home to large Mormon populations and the others comprising the so-called Bible Belt, "rates of charitable giving appeared linked to religion."

In Idaho, residents gave 6.4 percent of their discretionary income, compared with 2.5 percent in New Hampshire and 2.8 percent in Maine, the bottom two states.

The top charity givers included Mississippi, at 7.2 percent, and Alabama, at 7.1 percent.

Excluding religious donations, New York zooms up to second place and Pennsylvania would be in fourth place. Households in the Northeast donated 1.4 percent of discretionary income to secular charities, whereas Southern households gave 0.9 percent.