John McGee's Jailhouse Photo Album, Take 3


John McGee was booked (again) into the Ada County Jail on August 21, 2012.

Here's the latest booking photo of John McGee. If you're counting, this would make No. 3.

McGee, also known as prisoner No. 1040568, was put into another Ada County jail cell late Tuesday after 4th District Magistrate James Cawthon rejected a deal that would have given the former Republican state senator less jail time and instead slapped McGee with a 90-day sentence.

That doesn't necessarily mean that McGee will be spending the next three months in jail. He's expected to stay at the Ada County Jail for approximately six weeks and may be eligible for work release or he may be suited for an orange jumpsuit to work the sheriff's labor detail.

Cawthon scolded McGee for his behavior at the Idaho Statehouse, where prosecutors said the former lawmaker was "sexually provocative" toward a female staffer.

“It happened at the Capitol," said Cawthon. "It happened (during) your role as public servant. It happened when you were a senator.”

Tuesday's sentence took into account that McGee was still on probation for a 2011 Father's Day drunken-driving incident.

In addition to his jail time, McGee has to pay court costs ($500) and restitution ($960) and must complete classes on healthy relationships and appropriate boundaries.