Idaho Power and Snake River Alliance Relationship Status: It's Complicated


Idaho Power reevaluates the company's long-term plan for providing electricity every two years, the company's reminded its customers Aug. 20 via a newsletter.

But at least for the immediate future, the company's planning panel will be absent a member of environmental activist organization Snake River Alliance. Ken Miller, the SRA's Clean Energy Program director, has served as a panelist for IDACORP's Integrated Resource Plan previously, but was uninvited in its most-recent planning cycle.

Dan Minor, Idaho Power vice president and chief operating officer, alleged the SRA had a "wind at any cost agenda" on the company's public "Get Plugged In" blog.

Idaho Power officials said they had reached out to customers at length regarding renewable energy in Idaho, which the utility insists costs rate payers too much.

SRA, meanwhile, asked Idaho Power to ditch what they call wasteful and dirty coal-fired power plants.

In today's Boise Weekly, we ask Idaho Power about the decision to uninvite SRA from its planning panel. Idaho Power maintains that some of SRA's tactics were unprofessional, but still welcomes the organization to attend future meetings, just not at the table with other planners.