AP: Survivor of Ruby Ridge Marks 20th Anniversary


This morning's Associated Press chronicles the 20-year anniversary of the siege on Idaho's Ruby Ridge, which "helped spark an anti-government patriot movement."

The AP's Nicholas Geranios tracked down 36-year-old Sara Weaver, who now lives in Kalispell, Mont. As a 16-year-old, Weaver watched her mother and father shot by government agents as they holed up in the family's north Idaho cabin.

"I went 10 years without understanding how to heal" until becoming a born-again Christian, Weaver told the AP. "All bitterness and anger had to go. I forgave those that pulled the trigger."

Her mother was killed, her father survived. She told the AP that during the siege, she crawled around her mother's body to get food and water for the survivors until the family eventually surrendered on Aug. 31, 1992.

Randy Weaver was eventually acquitted of most federal charges (he was wanted for trafficking illegal weapons). The Weaver family sued the federal government, winning $1 million each for Sara and her two sisters and $100,000 for their father.

After graduating from high school, Sara Weaver moved to Kaslispell in 1996. Her sisters and father followed shortly after.