Boise Council to Consider Higher Fees for Parks, Penalties for Illegal Fires


When the Boise City Council meets Tuesday, Aug. 21, city officials will be asked to consider new or revised fees—three for the Boise Fire Department and nearly 90 for the Parks and Recreation Department—to be effective Monday, Oct. 1, the beginning of the city's new fiscal year.

The Fire Department is asking to charge $75-$150 for responding to illegal fires at family dwellings, in addition to a $300 hourly charge for emergency responses to any illegal fires.

The Parks and Recreation Department has a laundry list of higher rates for the city's AdVenture adapted recreation and aquatics programs. Additionally, new fees are being proposed for the use of the Boise Depot, court-ordered disinterments at city cemeteries, and private ice time at Idaho Ice World. Parks and Rec also wants to bump up rates for use of the Julia Davis Park bandshell and extra tables at both Julia Davis and Ann Morrison parks.

A public hearing will precede the vote, scheduled for 6 p.m. at the State Capitol.