Magic Valley Community Adopts Exotic Animals


When a Magic Valley man passed away July 1 from complications related to multiple sclerosis, his neighbors came to the rescue for his pets. But we're not talking about cats or dogs: Harold Peterson's friends found new homes for a kangaroo, camel and zedonk—a cross between a zebra and a donkey. Peterson's buffalo wasn't so lucky; it ended up on a dinner plate.

The Twin Falls Times-News reports that Peterson's menagerie regularly greeted school field trips and visited the Twin Falls County Fair each summer. But as Peterson's health began to deteriorate, residents of Filer began providing homes to the animals. First it was some goats, then a wallaby, next a camel, and eventually, all but one of the beasts found new digs.

“The zedonk has an attitude and the camel is getting old,” Jan Gould of Buhl told the Times-News. “But they grew up together and they can’t be separated. They’re buddies, so they were a package deal.”