Idaho Ranks 10th Safest for Highways, But With Room For Improvement


A new study indicates that Idaho has some of the safest highways in the nation.

The survey, conducted by, ranked Idaho as 10th safest. South Carolina was deemed worst.

States were ranked in the following categories: interstate speeding fatalities per mile of interstate, percent of drivers without seatbelts, highway bridges rated obsolete or deficient, highway deaths per 1,000 highway miles driven, federal funding, and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety death rates.

Idaho was ranked 10th best in the nation, but the study indicated there was plenty of room for improvement:

The interstates in Idaho were ranked much more on the safer side, but the same can’t be said for the rest of the highways there. Idaho ranks 45th in highway deaths per 1,000 highway miles driven, and fared worse than average in three of the remaining four categories. Even though it’s the fifth least populated state, more room on the road doesn’t necessarily mean more safety!