Survey: Women Stare At Breasts As Much As Men


Ahem ... eyes up here. That includes you too ladies.

A new study claims women stare at women's breasts just as much as their male counterparts. The study, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, looked at how people process images of men and women.

Not surprisingly, the women were far more objectified than men, but researchers found that men and women are both just as guilty of looking at women as a "collection of parts," Science Daily reported.

"We can't just pin this on the men. Women are perceiving women this way, too," said Sarah Gervais, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the study's lead author.

According to the study, men are perceived in more of a "global" way while women are measured as a collection of various body parts in what researchers called "local" cognitive processing, Yahoo! News reported.

"Local processing underlies the way we think about objects: houses, cars and so on," Gervais told Science Daily. "But global processing should prevent us from that when it comes to people. We don't break people down to their parts — except when it comes to women, which is really striking. Women were perceived in the same ways that objects are viewed."