Pot Coalition Spokesman Fired At His Own News Conference


In what has to be one of the more bizarre press conferences of late, the spokesman for a group opposing a new Washington state marijuana initiative was fired Tuesday, in front of a gathering of Seattle media.

Phil Dawdy was a spokesman for Safe Access Alliance, a group representing medical marijuana patients in opposition to Intiative 502, which would see the legalization and taxing of up to an ounce of recreational pot. But members of another group, No on I-502, crashed Dawdy's press conference and accused the group of co-opting donations and their campaign's message.

The Associated Press reports that Safe Access President Kurt Boehl escorted the protesters out the door and promptly told reporters that "Dawdy didn't speak for the organization anymore."

"You're fired," Boehl told a stunned Dawdy. "You embarrassed us."

Boehl, a Seattle lawyer, later said he wouldn't comment on the firing.

Dawdy told the AP Tuesday was "a bad day."