Johnson & Johnson Removing 'Dangerous Chemicals' From Products


In a move consumer advocates lauded as a landmark decision, Johnson & Johnson announced this morning that almost all of its products will be sold free of dangerous chemicals by 2015. The company, which had already promised to remove "chemicals of concern" from its line of baby products by the end of 2013, will also remove potential carcinogens and other chemicals from its adult products.

On Tuesday, Smithsonian magazine published a damning article about how triclosan, a common chemical found in most antibacterial products, can slow muscle function in both animals and humans. Though Triclosan is used in everything from toothpaste to bedding, the FDA has said that regular soap and water are as effective as antibacterial soaps.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics lauded the company's moves, saying that Johnson & Johnson "had gone further than any other cosmetics company."

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