Former Idaho Physician Calls Waterboarding Charge 'Absurd'


Dr. Melvin Morse and Pauline Morse are charged with recklessly endangering the lives of their two daughters.

A former Idaho physician, charged with his wife with waterboarding their daughter, tells the Associated Press that the accusations are "an overreaction."

"I think the real problem is the post-Bradley hysteria," said Dr. Melvin Morse. a pediatrician who worked in Pocatello during the 1980s.

"Bradley" is Dr. Earl Bradley, convicted in 2011 for sexually abusing scores of patients for more than a decade. Bradley is serving 14 consecutive life prison sentences.

"All of these things are very absurd, except that Delaware has really had the trauma (of Bradley)," Morse told the AP.

Bradley and his wife were arrested in Delaware after their 11-year-old daughter told law enforcement that she was waterboarded, which simulates drowning and has been used on terrorism suspects. Most experts call it torture.

Morse has authored several books on paranormal science and near-death experiences, appearing on The Larry King Show and Oprah to discuss his research. In addition to his time in Idaho, Morse worked in California, Washington and Delaware, where he currently lives with his wife.

Melvin and Pauline Morse have been ordered to have no contact with their two daughters or with each other. They face a preliminary hearing Thursday, Aug. 16.