Boise Police Hand Out Nearly 1,500 Traffic Tickets in Two Weeks


In a two-week blitz to target aggressive drivers, Boise Police handed out nearly 1,500 citations for speeding, insurance violations, failure to use seatbelts, driving with a suspended license, and 27 other violations, including running through stop signs and red lights.

From Aug. 2-13, Boise Police said they "gave very few warnings" during a specifically targeted campaign to "keep motorists safer during the deadliest driving month of the year - August."

Statewide, the campaign is called "Toward Zero Deaths" and includes billboard, radio and television spots, in addition to extra manpower to curb aggressive drivers.

"It wasn't hard for officers to find aggressive drivers and write them tickets," said Officer Kyle Wills of the Boise Police Motors Unit. "That means we all have a ways to go toward remembering that our safety and the safety of our loved ones begins with our driving, not the other guy's."