ACHD FY 2013 Budget: $89.2 Million for Expansions, Sidewalks, Lanes


Ada County Highway District commissioners say they want to "hold the line" in their proposed spending plan for Fiscal Year 2013, which begins Monday, Oct. 1.

ACHD commissioners are putting forth an $89.2 million budget, which includes property-tax revenues of $31.7 million, the same amount as prior years. The budget also anticipates receiving an additional $20 million in state gas-tax revenues, $9 million in impact fees, and $8.8 million in registration fees.

The budget includes 37 new sidewalks, pathways and/or bike lanes, a $2.95 million widening of Franklin Road from Ten Mile to Linder, a $4.3 million extension of 30th Street from Fairview Avenue to State Street, a $1.44 million pedestrian safety project on Pierce Park Lane, including new sidewalks and pathways, and a $6.1 million expansion of Meridian Road.

The elected officials will take up the proposed spending plan at their Wednesday, Aug. 22, meeting.

The public can view the proposed spending plan here.