Sun Valley Mayor: City Was Not in State, Federal Compliance


The Mayor of Sun Valley says a soon-to-be-released forensic audit will reveal that his city was not in compliance with many federal and state labor laws.

In an interview in this morning's Idaho Mountain Express, Sun Valley Mayor Dewayne Briscoe insists that Sun Valley is "now in compliance," but is anxiously awaiting the result of the review, which he compared to an "IRS taxpayer" audit.

"It's a thorough analysis of the receiving and expending of all city funds, where everything came from and where everything is going," Briscoe told the Mountain Express. "It's to ascertain if any fraud has occurred."

The audit was triggered by a string of troubling incidents, including break-ins at the Sun Valley fire station, stolen and/or erased files, resignations by city staff, city employees placed on administrative leave, lawsuits against the city, and countersuits filed by the city.

Once complete, the Mountain Express reports the forensic audit will be handed to Blaine County prosecutors and the Idaho Attorney General's Office to consider any possible criminal charges.