Lawsuit: Not Much Natural About Nature Valley


Two California moms, in a lawsuit against General Mills, allege that Nature Valley is not so natural. The women claim that despite being touted on the box as "100 percent natural," Nature Valley granola bars are actually full of processed ingredients.

The so-called "natural" ingredients in Nature Valley's granola bars include high-fructose corn syrup, maltose corn syrup and maltodextrin—all of which are processed additions that either thicken or sweeten the granola bar.

"I've figured out now that something can say it's 100 percent natural on the outside and not be 100 percent natural," said Amy McKendrick, one of the mothers involved in the lawsuit. "I want to make sure other people making purchases understand that, too."

Currently, there are no federal requirements when labeling a food "natural," unlike "organic," which requires government oversight and testing.